SVLT Vapor Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt E-Liquid Review

Apple Jay Jay High NicSalt e-liquid produces what I think is one of the best apple e-juice blends on the market. Now here is a good scenario I want you to imagine. You are at an apple orchard enjoying the sweet scent of apple while the sun is filtering down through the leaves. Right in […]

Havoc Juice Co. Firestorm E-Liquid review

Strawberry is one of the most popular flavors in the e-juice market. Every company has their own e-juice blend with this classic flavor. I love strawberries. It is one of my favorite fruits and also one of my favorite e-juice flavors. I’ve tried so many different strawberry e-liquids over the years that my taste buds […]

Frost Flavor Eonsmoke Eliquid Review

One of the most unique essences to be used as an eliquid flavor is Frost. Frost has a cooling minty taste and odor and is found in peppermint and other natural oils. If you love the Menthol and Mint flavors from Eonsmoke, you’ll fall in love with Frost too!  It makes a great flavor for […]

Reds Apple Iced E-Juice by 7 Daze Review

This 7 Daze e-liquid smells like juicy red apples. You’d swear there is an apple lying around somewhere when you are vaping this e-liquid. Apple is the most dominant flavor in this e-juice. You cannot smell much of the menthol flavor in this e-liquid, but you can taste it. When you take a hit from […]

Snack Shack Cotton Candy Eliquid Review

Do you remember those long summer days we used to spend at the fair especially when we were kids? There are plenty of attractions to see, rides to enjoy, and food to eat. But admit it or not, I am pretty sure there was also a time in your life when you were so amazed […]

Aspire EVO 75 Kit Review

Are you a vaping newbie in search for a good starter kit that will absolutely give you a first-hand experience of what real, quality vaping is? Good news mate! You are on the right page. Here I review the Aspire EVO75 kit that currently retails at AUD $85.45 at Caktus Vape. Find out whether or […]

Strawberry Jam E-Juice By Jam Monster Review

Strawberry Jam is a delicious tasting e-juice by US e-juice manufacturer Jam Monster. This premium e-juice has the primary flavors of fresh homemade strawberry jam, butter, and toasted bread. Strawberry Jam has a mouth-watering taste and a pleasant aroma. This e-juice is the newest flavor of the famous Jam Monster breakfast e-liquid collection. The Jam […]

Drip N Vape’s Bluerazz Slushy E-liquid Review

Ejuice Deals is one company that has several products available related to vaping. These can be vape juices or other products that can be used for your vaping. These products can be checked out at the Ejuice Deals website. The company has been around for a while now. It has a wide array of brands […]

Kanger Cupti Kit Review

Kanger CUPTI All In One 75W Kit is Kanger’s way to compensate for the drawbacks brought by its predecessor NEBOX. Read below and see if this small yet highly functional device will suit your needs or visit NZ Ecig Store to order. Kanger CUPTI is a pretty handy device, measuring only 82 mm by 50 […]

Vape Moar Prince Pucker Ejuice Review

If candy vape liquids are not enough, Vape Moar Prince Pucker ejuice promises to make your taste buds cry with joy. Let us see if this sweet and sour green apple blend is good on keeping its commitments. “Prince Pucker will be King one day, just wait and see! This upstart eliquid is a faithful […]